Traffic Petition for Brasted

Date: Thursday 30 May, 2013

Petition to SDC Joint Transport Board for measures to improve road safety in Brasted.

Thank You!!

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition!
More than 135 signatures were collected.

This Petition was presented to
Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board (JTB) on 12 June.

The Petition was received with interest.
As a first step JTB have agreed to:
* Carry out a Road Survey to identify the problems
* Investigate the possibility of a pedestrian crossing
between the White Hart and the Village Store
For a Full Report Click Here

The Petition is still available to view and sign Here
The next step is to support a broader campaign that is just kicking off.
It will  seek to address the root causes of the issues on our roads – namely too much traffic, especially lorries, and the speeds they travel. 
This issue will be discussed at the
Parish Council Meeting
on Monday, 17 June at 7.30pm in Brasted Pavilion.

Please come along and share your ideas for taking the campaign forward!

If  you are not able to attend but have comments to share 
Email the Clerk Here
We hope you feel able to support the campaign.
Please share this with colleagues, family, friends and neighbours.
For more information please see the Parish Council website.